Well, it is time. I’ve done the talking, now time to do the walking. Ok running. Or maybe something in between. Anyway, whatever it is I’m about to do it’s essentially my first run of my training for the London Marathon 2017 – F***! I’ve just tidied up my small flat and came across a large envelope containing my running shirt for the day. It’s given me a massive boost, reminding me that I’m running for myself to help improve my mental health as well as to contribute to a charity I very much care about given the work it does and the people that benefit from such work. So time to put your money where my mouth is and get running to raise money and awareness.

Oh, and there’s another thing motivational for me about the picture: it says Size S on the label. Currently I don’t fit in that size but hopefully I will come April!

I’ll post again once I’m back from my run (3 miles today) – if I’m not back by 5pm UK time, someone send a search party for me in the Clifton area of Bristol 😉



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